Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Glimmer Mist

And, we're back!!! I'm halfway through my goals for the day! I printed 100 prints at walmart today, and gathered all my supplies for glimmer mist.

Here's my take on homemade glimmer mist...
These are the supplies I used:
- spray box
- 1oz spray bottle -- I chose this small size so that (depending on the size of my project) I will not have to save any, and none will have to be wasted. I also wont have to mix such a large amount like I would in a bigger spray bottle.
- water
- Folk Art metallic paint
- scraps to test the color on

First, I filled the spray bottle 1/2 of the way full. I added a few drops of the Folk Art paint (more or less depending on how much color you like with your mist). Then shake!

Here is the final result... Although it is kind of hard to capure the glitter on the camera. However, there is A LOT of glitter, glam, and shine on my paper! =]

I left part of white paper on the photo to show how much paint I actually used. I like to the glimmer mist to have more color as well as shimmer so I added a little more paint then other probably would! =] It's one of those techniques that can vary widely. So you may have to play around with the paint and water to achieve the color or desired look. Have fun creating your glimmer mists!!

Other things you can spray glimmer mist on...

  • Silk/Prima flowers
  • Borders - I LOVED doing this!! =] I took some already created borders from Bazzill with decorative edges and sprayed my glimmer mist on them! So cute!
  • Ribbon
  • Frames
  • Chipboard
  • Thickers

Last but not least...
While at Walmart I saw that FolkArt also had some "Extreme Glitter" acrylic paints. And I thought I'd get some to give em a try.

There actually is I complete difference in these paints. You can either use these all by themselves (mixed with water of course) or add the same color acrylic paint. If you want a look of purely sprinkled glitter all over the page then use these paints alone. However, if you do want to add color to your project I would recommend adding a few drops of both. Either way... I have ended up with 3 completely different looks of mist.

Final cost (for all 3 desired looks):
- 1 $.97 1oz mister (Walmart)
- 1 $2.47 FolkArt Extreme Glitter bottle of paint (walmart)
- 1 $1.47 FolkArt Metallic Paint bottle of paint (walmart)
- 1 $.33 Craft bottle of Acrylic paint (Michael's)
Grand Total..... $5.24 --- for 3 completely different glimmer/glitter mists! =] Sounds like such a better deal than the popular one that only provide you with 1 look for $8!!

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