Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Counterfeit Kit September 2011

Here is my Counterfeit Kit for September (sorry about the photo :( My camera charger is MIA for the moment so I have to use my phone until I get a new one this weekend). This month I decided to keep the kit small. In the past I have overdone the kits and have been to overwhelmed to actually use all the supplies. So, this time I kept to 6 patterned sheet of paper by October Afternoon (super old line called Ducks in a row). I did overdo the cardstock just because I like to have a lot of options. My embellishments are small because I want to focus on actually using the papers and getting the layouts done.

Here are some photos of the actual supplies.

Label Stickers.

6x12 Cardstock Stickers


DieCut Journaling Blocks

Cardstock Stickers


  1. Great job! I love that collection and it will be perfect for pics of your little princess!

  2. Very cute kit - I heart October Afternoon - can't wait to see what you scrap. And my fingers are crossed that your camera issues are solved.

  3. Good start to the month - I too like having lots of CS - but never hesitate to just add more as the month progresses! Have fun with your kit!